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A Business Focus on OBIEE Webcast Q&A

A Business Focus on OBIEE Webcast Q&A

IT Convergence answers your questions regarding last week’s webcast “Take a Business Centric Approach to OBIEE and Fusion Analytics.

Check out the answers below and find the answers to your OBIEE questions:

How can you measure returns on OBIEE implementations?

Within OBIEE you can use the user tracking tool, which is a way to know how often users are taking advantage of OBIEE’s benefits.
By leveraging multiple tools, you get an idea of how the organization benefits as a whole, and not just with individual users.

In terms of day to day use, what tips have you learned that you can share with us?

One way is by leveraging the iPad app that makes the data readily available, wherever a user may be. This way, users will be more willing to check the tool and the data to see what’s going on.

Our organization’s definition of detailed reporting would be satisfied by Oracle Discoverer, I understand that OBIEE is a replacement for Discoverer. Does it satisfy the same requirements?

OBIEE Apps may not be the best tool to get the reports that you are after. You may need to customize some of the BI models to make them readily available. Also, making some changes to the configuration files to allow more than 65,000 rows that are returned, to be able to see all the data. This would mean that you would need sizing your hardware as well because of potential performance issues.

How and why should you start small with OBIEE and then when should you decide to get bigger?

One way is to tackle it is by module or department in your company, or to ask what are the key reports that each department requires. Making sure you get the key reports to each department is a great starting point.

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