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“What Is Oracle UPK?” Q and A Transcript

“What Is Oracle UPK?” Q and A Transcript
Over 165 people registered for our webcast “What is Oracle UPK” which lasted about 50 minutes and was followed by a lively Q and A. As always we’re happy to provide a complete copy of the Q and A Transcript.

Q. Can you use Oracle UPK (User Productivity Kit) for items other than Oracle?  Can I use it to create training for other non-Oracle software programs, or does it have to be licensed a specific way? 

A. The simple answer to the questions is “Yes, you can use Oracle UPK to document processes with other non-Oracle programs.” Regarding licensing, you will have to check with your Oracle rep to know if you need to have it licensed a certain way or if there are any restrictions.

Q. I want to use Oracle UPK for other applications. Where are UPK recordings located so that end users can access the content?  

A. One of nice things about UPK is that it gives you the flexibility to decide where the recordings are located. When you publish from UPK you can store the recordings basically anywhere you want.

Q. How and for what have you seen UPK used outside of an Oracle E-Business Suite context as it relates to training?

A. As mentioned in the webcast, I have seen Oracle UPK used to create tutorials on how to fix common problems with photocopiers, which are obviously not even Oracle products, they’re of course not even software.

Oracle UPK can be used to support virtual every aspect of the ERP LifeCycle, and that doesn’t just apply to the Oracle E-Business Suite but also to Oracle Fusion Applications, as well as the rest of the Oracle Applications Unlimited  family including PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel.

Q. Can I install Oracle UPK on my laptop as stand alone instance or is it necessary to install UPK on a server?  

A. You can do both things. However, for best and most consistent performance, I would strongly recommend installing Oracle UPK on a server.

Q. Is there pre-built content that comes with UPK for Oracle Financial Applications? 

A. Yes, you can purchased pre-built Oracle Financials content for the UPK as well as numerous other modules.

Q. How do you setup the UPK Developer structure so that with many department changes in topics, if you publish on topic, all topics do not publish? For example, one of the times when this would be useful would be when some topics are not ready to publish while others are.  

A. Yes, you can certainly do this. First, select the topic that is ready to be published. A window will open asking if you want to publish the entire outline or just the selected document. Check the box that says “only the selected document,” and you’ll be  able to publish only topic that are ready to be published.

Q. How do you publish a topic from UPK to PDF for 3rd party reviews? 

A When publishing a topic, in the publishing setting there is an output format section where you can select PDF format.

Q. Can you UPK play on an iPad? 

A. Yes, you can play UPK on iPads as well as other tablets.

Q. Can you provide examples of how to use UPK with Oracle LMS? 

A. UPK uses industry standard SCORM 2004 specifications which allow importing content created in UPK to any LMS. You can use it to train users on the LMS itself and how to login, access courses, etc.  You can also publish content to an LMS as well.  UPK does produce scorm outputs which can be published to a LMS. Clearly, this answer only touches the surface here. Feel free to contact us for more specifics.

Q. What are enhanced features in Oracle UPK version 11 when compared to UPK 3.6.1? 

A. UPK 11.1 includes new and improved features for recording, testing, collaboration and communication, as well as Player support for Apple iPad and support for tracking usage of third party content in Knowledge Center. And for those of you who are not aware, Oracle UPK 11 is the next version following 3.6.1, so if you’re an Oracle UPK 3.6.1 user, you haven’t missed a bunch of releases.

Q. What are some best practices with UPK? 

A. That’s a very broad question to answer. It is almost impossible to generalize a single set of “best practices for Oracle UPK” because there are so many different ways to use Oracle UPK. So there is a certain set of “Do’s and Don’ts of using Oracle UPK to support ERP testing” and another, different set of “Do’s and Don’ts of using Oracle UPK for End-User training.”

Feel free to click here  to fill out our contact us if you’d like feedback on a specific UPK best practices.

Q. Is there a central place where we can go to learn more about the product (Oracle UPK) and its functionality, see information about training and/or implementation manuals?  

First, there is a manual that comes with UPK when you install it on your computer. Regarding your broader question about where to find UPK documentation, we’ve put together the UPK resources sheet which you can click here to download our website.

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