What It Takes to Migrate Oracle Environments Between On Premise, Cloud and Data Centers

If you are looking at migrating your Oracle environment – what are your options?

If you chose any of the following, it is a project that needs planning, preparation and execution. IT Convergence’s Morrison Satvedi knows ‘What It Takes to Migrate Oracle Environments between on Premises, Cloud and Data Centers.’ Morrison, an Oracle DBA Manager, has over 20 years of experience has worked on numerous projects. His session (Session ID: 10231) is today at 10:45 AM in room Reef F.

The session will discuss the items that need to be considered as part of the Migration and discusses on migrating strategies, and what can be setup in advance, and testing phases. It will go through detail planning and preparation steps, backups at various points, through to successful execution.

The session will specifically focus on:

Getting There

12th April, 2016

10:45 AM

Reef F

Attend the session to learn how to successfully migrate your Oracle Environment with focus on your overall environment ecosystem!