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A Gulf Coast County Keeps its SQL Server and Oracle Databases Running Smoothly

A Gulf Coast County Keeps its SQL Server and Oracle Databases Running Smoothly

IT Convergence’s comprehensive managed services solution helps a Gulf Coast County restructure and reduce costs.

Company Overview

This fast-growing gulf coast county is home to close to 400,000 residents and has a labor force of approximately 175,000 workers. The county’s largest employer is the service section, followed by the retail trade and construction sectors. This county boasts a well-educated population with just over 29% of its inhabitants having a bachelors degree, which exceeds the national average.

The Challenge

This Gulf Coast County partnered with IT Convergence Support Services (ISS) because ISS was able to support the restructuring of its IT department with a comprehensive managed services solution for its SQL Server and Oracle databases. In addition to providing remote database administration and maintenance services, ISS has acted as a pro-active strategic partner by working with the client to complete a number of projects. ISS has helped reduce costs by migrating several Oracle databases either to newer servers or to SQL Server databases. ISS has also helped the client install SQL Server on new servers, and it helped improve system availability by installing a SQL Server 2005 Cluster. The Gulf Coast County has been able to reduce ownership costs by migrating from SQL Enterprise edition to Standard Edition with support from ISS. The client has improved the overall operating efficiency of its systems because of ISS, and this is particularly important given that more than 2000 end-users rely on the county’s SQL Server databases. In one instance, ISS was able to reduce total query time from 12 hours to 4 minutes by optimizing the client’s SQL queries.

The Solution

By working with IT Convergence, this Gulf Coast County:
  • Improved the efficiency and availability of its SQL and Oracle databases
  • Reduced operating costs by outsourcing all Oracle and SQL DBA functions
This Gulf Coast County has simultaneously reduced costs and improved the performance of its environment because of ISS’s managed services solution.
Gulf Coast County





Project Location

US Gulf Coast

IT Convergence Services

  • Support

Applications & Technologies

  • Linux 8
  • Linux 9 Su Se
  • Oracle 10g
  • Oracle 9i
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Windows 2003
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