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An International Shipping Association Rolls Out Oracle Financials in China with IT Convergence

An International Shipping Association Rolls Out Oracle Financials in China with IT Convergence

ITC helps integrate this association’s China office with the global Oracle system while meeting local requirements and legislation.

Company Overview

Originally founded in 1998 as a shippers group, this international shipping association is now a much more comprehensive corporation. The shipping association is comprised of a group of separately operating transportation companies. Each member of this association works with the other members of the association to coordinate or complement shipping services so that customer needs are met. Within this international shipping association, there are four types of companies that provide services related to the transportation industry. The company has over 90 offices located in 125 countries across the world.

The Challenge

This international shipping association needed to deploy a common application that would allow it to standardize financial processes throughout the company. The association also wanted a solution that would integrate all logistics, operations, and back-office data. To meet these needs, the international shipping association decided to rollout Oracle Financials and tightly integrate it with a custom-designed core business logistics application that it was deploying in conjunction with Oracle. For the rollout at its China offices, the company needed a partner that could provide bilingual consultants who were capable of rolling out Oracle and interfacing it with its custom-designed application to facilitate compliance with local Chinese statutory reporting requirements. Moreover, the international shippers association needed a partner that was able to meet a tight project timeframe.

The Solution

ITC deployed three consultants from its Shanghai office to the client’s site. ITC’s consultants worked closely with the client’s Applications Director to devise a procedure for change control, an implementation plan, and a project schedule that ensured a smooth rollout. The team facilitated the integration of Oracle Financials and the association’s custom-designed application, making it possible for the organization to employ a single data source. ITC’s consultants also ensured that Order Management’s business flows were configured to meet local needs, and created an additional set of books so that the China branches could use the association’s globally-unified accounts lists while complying with local reporting requirements. Before the project went live, the team provided two rounds of end-user instruction for employees.
An International Shipping Association


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IT Convergence Services

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Applications & Technologies

  • Oracle Accounts Payable 11.5.8
  • Oracle Accounts Receivable 11.5.8
  • Oracle Cash Management 11.5.8
  • Oracle Financials 11.5.8
  • Oracle Fixed Assets 11.5.8
  • Oracle General Ledger 11.5.8
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