CyberSecurity Solutions

CyberSecurity Solutions

Cyber threat assessment, surveillance, threat identification, mitigation, and interdiction

The attacks are relentless from every quarter: INSIDER(!), RPA Gaming, National, Organized Crime, State, Espionage, Dissidents, while big risks like Bad Cloud Ideas, Bad Governance, BYOB, Latent IT only make it easier for the attacker. Learn how to protect yourself from these attacks with ITC solutions.


Risks and losses


The five major contributing catastrophe scenarios:

  • Long-lasting outage at a leading cloud service provider (USD 14.3 billion loss)
  • Large-scale cloud ransomware at a leading cloud services provider (USD 11.5 billion loss)
  • Widespread data loss from a leading operating system provider (USD 23.8 billion loss)
  • Widespread theft from major e-mail service provider (USD 19.1 billion loss)
  • Large-scale data loss from cloud service provider (USD 22.2 billion loss)

Cyber crime costs are predicted to hit USD 6 trillion annually by 2021. This followed a record year in 2017 of USD 600 billion.

Economic loss due to cybercrime is predicted to reach $3 trillion by 2020, and 74% of the world’s businesses can expect to be hacked in the coming year.
-The World Economic Forum


Main risks:

  • Reputation Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Operating Losses
  • Regulatory Heat
  • Auditor Heat


ITC Data Security


ITC proprietary tradecraft, deployment strategy and methodology proven able to self-fund client modernization of cyber security and best-in-class data, PII, IP real time all the time encryption





  • FAST ROI POC Enabled
  • DEVOP Fixed Investment
  • Advisory Services
  • Event Response
  • General Counsel / SIU Special Investigation


CyberSecurity Solutions




  • Managed Service
  • DEVOP Fixed Price
  • Advisory Services
  • Classified Investigative Support