Core Testing Services

Core Testing Services

Effective testing begins with identifying what needs to be tested and when it needs to be tested.


Whether testing fresh implementations, upgrades, or enhancements in your ERP environment, at IT Convergence we apply our expertise to help customers improve business performance through process efficiency and reduce costs without sacrificing quality. We use the right testing tools to manage everything from automated functional testing to multi-region performance testing for organizations with thousands of users spread across the world.


Automation Testing

Automating the manual software testing process results in cost reduction, facilitates team communication, and improves efficiency.


Manual Testing

Performing manual testing allows our experts to find the defects and ensure that all application features behave as expected.


Software Quality Assurance

This an ongoing process within the software development life cycle (SDLC) designed to ensure the highest quality in software engineering.


Reduce costs while adding structure, discipline, and objectivity.


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