Server Platform as a Service

Server Platform as a Service

Server Platform as a Service

Improve corporate performance and the power of the Hybrid Cloud  to unlock  business potential with SQL Server 2014.

 ITConvergence provides a full suite of services to global organizations by leveraging the right database solution using SQL Server 2014 and its powerful applications suite.


Mission Critical Performance


 Built-in In-Memory

Average 10x faster for new and existing SQL Server apps: leverage full SQL Server capabilities without having to rewrite the entire app. Select only highly utilized tables to be in-memory, optimize in-memory to fit existing hardware.

Secure & Scalable

Most secure with enterprise scale using Windows Server: up to 640 logical processors, 64 vCPUs/VM, 1 TB memory/VM, 64 nodes/cluster. Network virtualization provides flexibility and isolation, assigning minimum and maximum bandwidth. Storage virtualization, enterprise-class network storage on standard hardware, storage tiering for higher performance.

High Availability

AlwaysOn: In-memory performance across OLTP, DW and BI, all in a single SKU. Multi-DB failover, manual or automatic, up to 8 secondary replicas, 100% availability during all online operations. HA without expensive SANs, offload reads & backups to secondaries. Deployment &
management wizards, monitoring dashboard within SSMS & System Center.


Faster Insights from Any Data


 Easy Access to Data, Big & Small

Search, access and shape internal and external data while combining it with unstructured data. Simplify access to public & corporate data and combine or refine data across multiple sources, gaining insight across relational, unstructured, & semi-structured data. Common management of structured & unstructured data, query across relational DB & Hadoop with single T-SQL Query.

Powerful Insights with Familiar Tools

Speed up analysis and time-to-insight with the familiarity of Excel and mobile device accessibility. Access and mash-up data from virtually any source through familiar tools. Generate insights faster with powerful data visualizations, quickly analyze up to millions of rows of data in Excel with PowerPivot and Power View. Connect & collaborate around data, easily share insights for improved decision making, mobile Clients for any device.

Complete BI Platform

Scale your BI models and enrich and secure your data with a complete platform spanning Cloud and On-premises. Cleanse data and
improve data quality, seamlessly integrate data from any source. Complete and enterprise-grade BI platform, build and deploy secure & scalable BI solutions. Empower business users to manage data governance, deliver credible, consistent data to the right users.


Platform for Hybrid Cloud


Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Enable new hybrid scenarios like cloud backup and cloud DR to reduce costs and improve on-premises DR. Manual or Automatic, at an instance level with point in time restore, measures DB usage patterns to set backup frequency. Faster Disaster Recovery, easy to deploy & manage. Cloud bursting, greater global reach, better isolation of internal assets.

Easy On-Ramp to Cloud

Easily migrate and run SQL Server in the cloud to gain benefits of cloud computing. Easily migrate on-prem SQL Server to a Windows Azure VM, designed for users unfamiliar with Windows Azure. Ideal for existing apps & dev/test new apps, full SQL Server functionality, full VM control. Ideal for new variable-demand apps, dynamic scale-out of database, no patching of OS or DB, HA built-in with 99.9% SLA.

Complete & Consistent

Deploy a complete and consistent data platform from on-premises to cloud: non-virtualized, Cloud (Windows Azure + Office 365), Microsoft Data Platform: SQL Server on Windows Server, HD Insight Server, PDW Appliance, SQL Server in a Windows Server VM, SQL Server in a Windows Azure VM, SQL Database service, HDInsight Tables Blobs, BI features in O365, SQL Server in a Windows Server VM.


SQL Server 2014 Editions


Why ITC as a SQL Server Service Provider?

Gain access to the highest level of service within your budget: SQL Server Managed Services with 24×7 Support

IT Convergece has certified DBAs specialized in SQL Server solution and services and can provide a complete workgroup dedicated to cover all your expectations. Our team offers 24x7x365 Database Monitoring with customizable alerts to cover all client needs and a year round Database Service Desk to process all alerts and assign them to the right resources.

Our Backup Assurance and Recovery services ensure your data is available all the time, reducing service outages to minimum, while the Database Performance Tuning and Health Checks help you reduce bottlenecks, response time, and data transfer.

Our teams offer service throughout the whole SQL Server lifecycle by providing Database and Server Installation, setup, configuration and upgrade following the latest Microsoft Best Practices – including critical updates such as Database Patches and Service Packs.