Migrate Your HR Data into HCM Cloud – QA

Last week we had our webcast: “Painless Method to Get Your Data Migrated from EBS into HCM Cloud”, which focused on RapidConv, a tool for facilitating the data migration into ERP Cloud. Today we bring you a quick transcript of the questions we took live from the audience, and the chance to download the presentation in case you missed it.

Does the RapidConv tool work with HCM Cloud Data Loader?
That is available.

What do you see as the normal skillset for using RapidConv?
The person using this is someone who understands the data, an HCM analyst or business partner, someone who is configuring the application. Maybe even a key user – so it’s not a technical skillset you need.

Do you have a RapidConv utility for ERP too?
Yes, it’s in progress. We’ll have that up and running in a month or two.

Can we use PeopleSoft HR as the data source for RapidConv?
Yes, we can use any HR data source – it will be a matter of modifying the source a bit, but using it to map and load into ERP Cloud can be done.