Oracle Time and Labor: Time for Questions

Last week we had our webcast OTL: The Key to First-Class Time Management, and we had a very lively session where our Oracle Projects and Oracle Time and Labor experts answered our attendee’s questions. Today we bring you a transcript of the Q&A, along with some extra questions that we didn’t have time to answer live. Remember you can always download the recording of the webcast if you missed it.

What’s the benefit of using OTL and Oracle Purchasing?

It’s the integration with the contractors, to keep up with them. Let’s say, for instance that you hire the same contractor for two projects and the contractor enters hours for both projects. If you bill the client, and they get back to you saying “this consultant is working much more than was expected”, the only way you have to track the hours or have a hard stop to the hours we contract them for is by using this integration with Purchasing. If you hire the consultant to work 80 hrs, he cannot log longer than 2 weeks, as the PO will be completely consumed.

What version of EBS was used in the demonstration?

It was Oracle E-Business SuiteBS 12.2.3

Can we enter time against project resources?

Yes. We can log time across resources.

Do I need the HR module license to use OTL?

There are certain shared tables (not only for OTL but all of the modules), we do have some HR records. These don’t need to use HR as the employees can be set up in each of the applications, but it’s a matter of each case. If you are using OTL as is, there’s no need.

Does absence management integrate with OTL?

Yes, it does.

How are adjustments handled in OTL and PA?

It is possible to do them, but how those adjustments are interfaced to Projects is something to keep in mind. When we do adjustments in the timecard, when we interface them to Projects we get to see the reversal of the line and the new line. Keep in mind we can also do adjustments in Projects directly, but they will not be seen in timecards, and this will also generate problems later on if you want to do adjustment in OTL. You need to be careful to keep the source clean and not contaminate them with modifications on the other end of the integration.

Can a timecard be locked with Projects across operating units?

Yes, it can. There is one feature that needs to be enabled in Projects, the Cross Charges. This way you will get to see the project as an option to charge them.

Can additional fields be added to the timecards layout?

Yes, we have an additional field added internally at ITC, which is Region – so consultants add where the work is being performed, and we also have some HR benefits according to the region.  That  region was added, so if you get the layout for consultants working in Argentina, you get to see that additional field. It is fully customizable.

Can hours’ rates be manually entered in the Projects Module?

Yes, there’s a functionality called Pre-Approved Batches, you can enter it manually there, or you can create an interface between Kronos and Projects. In this case you would not use OTL, so the proper flow would be interface Kronos and OTL, and let OTL pick it up and then interface with Projects.

Do we keep on changing the PO associated with a resource every time the PO is consumed?

You can either create a new PO or modify the existing one, it’s optional.

Is there an interface from Payroll to Projects with time entries?

No, there isn’t.