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Oracle R12’s Multiple Language Support (MLS) in China: Friend or foe?

Oracle R12’s Multiple Language Support (MLS) in China: Friend or foe?
Much too often, companies who are considering setting foot in China are taken aback by the fear that complying with local regulations will be too much to handle. While it is true that establishing business in China is a complex affair (both due to tax laws and cultural issues), Oracle can be an invaluable asset to ensure a smooth transition between western corporate practices and Chinese ways of doing business.At IT Convergence we set foot in the PRC in 2004, and since then our China Consulting Team has helped numerous companies succeed in the Chinese market. Today our experts bring you a video assessing the pros and cons of Oracle R12’s Multi Language Support feature, one of the most common choices when operating in China:

Watch in English:

Watch in Chinese:

As you can see, our China Consulting team is made up of bilingual professionals who strive to find the right solution for our clients’ needs, ensuring the success of their implementation and upgrade projects. Visit our website for more information on our China Practice.

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