Make Oracle ERP Better, Faster and Stronger with OATS

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  • Do you have a robust testing strategy?
  • Do you use the right tools for testing?
  • Do you face a lack of resources for testing?
In today’s competitive global marketplace, businesses are viewing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Testing as an expert service area that requires comprehensive knowledge in ERP software, testing, processes, methodologies, and technology. It is arguably the most important step in the enterprise applications lifecycle. The effects of a patch are rarely, if ever isolated, as integration between technology stack tiers gets tighter and tighter. But too often it gets overlooked, underutilized or only squeezed in at the very end.
At IT Convergence, we believe that there is a smarter, more cost-efficient ERP testing option that ensures quality and ROI. To help companies like yours take full advantage, we’re inviting you to our webcast: Make Oracle ERP Better, Faster, Stronger with Oracle OATS on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 8:00 AM PST to discuss the importance of ERP Testing, the role Oracle Application Testing Suite  (OATS) plays in Automation Testing and how its ROI goes beyond automation and helps reduce the cost of quality, drive efficiency and much more.

This webcast will address specifics such as:

  1. Understanding how today’s challenges are making traditional ERP testing more difficult, costly and impractical
  2. Demonstrating how OATS and Flow Builder can cut testing automation time by 60% or more
  3. Highlighting why OATS will ensure that business and IT share ownership in testing
  4. Laying out the return on investment in OATS
Being presented by ITC’s Jordan Collard, Narayana Murthy and Mazen Arar from Oracle, the webcast will last around 40 minutes followed by a Q&A session and is aimed at Test Engineers, QA Engineers, IT Managers, C-Levels and anyone interested in leveraging Automation for Testing Oracle E-Business Suite.
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