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Marching towards Collaborate: Week 4 Knowledge Center

Marching towards Collaborate: Week 4 Knowledge Center
Thanks to everyone who joined us for Week 4 of Marching towards Collaborate with UPK! During the past week we covered a variety of topics, ranging from Managing Users and Creating Knowledge Paths to Deploying Content to Knowledge Center and more. As promised during the webcast, the answers to all of the questions asked during this past week are posted below.
Monday, March 23: Creating and Managing Users
Can Knowledge Center only be used for UPK Content?
No, most content that is SCORM compliant can be deployed to Knowledge Center.
Can Knowledge Center be used for anything besides training?
Yes, in addition to training Knowledge Center can be used to house and share business process documents, compliance documentation, business life cycle documentation and as a manual testing tracking suite.
Tuesday, March 24: Creating a Knowledge Path

What is the difference between creating Knowledge Paths and just allowing end users to access the player content?

Through use of Knowledge Paths, managers have advanced control over content assignment and management for a particular user or user group.
Wednesday, March 25: Deploying Content to Knowledge Center
How does using the zip file deployment method allow non licensed UPK developers to assist with content management and deployment?

Through use of the zip file deployment method, UPK Developers can publish content, which can then be uploaded by a Knowledge Center Manager or Administrator. In other words, if content is published to a zip file, a person without a UPK developer license can manage the content deployment process. 

Thursday, March 26: Reporting: Customized vs. Standard
Is there a particular advantage to formatting Custom Reports in Knowledge Center in Tab-delimited format?
There is no particular advantage to formatting custom reports in either XML or Tab-delimited format. The XML format displays the report data using the schema supplied with the Knowledge Center. Tab-delimited reports display the data in columns separated by tabs. In a formatted report, identical items are grouped together and only appear once. In a tab-delimited report, each row contains the full set of data, including the row headings.
Friday March 27: Utilizing Assessments
When creating a “pre” and “post” assessment, can I reuse existing questions or will I need to rewrite them for each assessment?
Once questions or assessments have been created in UPK they can be reused and reapplied as many times as desired, through the process of linking those questions to additional material. Alternatively, the same assessment can be used for both the pre and post assessment by altering the settings inside a given knowledge path.