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14 Ways You can Benefit from Oracle UPK in 2014

14 Ways You can Benefit from Oracle UPK in 2014
Often thought of as a training tool, Oracle UPK is a comprehensive development platform that actually delivers value through every aspect of the Oracle ERP project lifecycle.Unfortunately, most organizations have not yet realized the full potential of Oracle UPK as a platform that can support every phase of the software lifecycle for upgrade projects and full implementations.

Let’s review 14 ways in which your organization can benefit from Oracle UPK:

1. Enhances standardization among your organization’s processes
2. Helps in conducting an accurate fit-gap analysis
3. Streamlines collaboration among ERP project members and subject matter experts when it’s time to develop key process flows or system changes
4. Reduces errors and increases accuracy during the ERP testing phases 
5. Decreases the time needed to create training materials
6. Leverages already existing non-UPK training formats to enhance end-user learning experience
7. Caters to different end-users’ learning styles
8. Effectively conveys the key changes brought about by an implementation or upgrade project
9. Improves end-user adoption
10. Boosts employee productivity with just-in-time In-application support
11. Facilitates content maintenance after the go-live phase
12. Supports global Oracle ERP rollouts with robust language and localization functionality
13. Simplifies knowledge retention and transfer processes
14. Identifies the exact training requirements for your organization

By rapidly producing materials tailored for all phases of the software lifecycle (from test scripts, system process documents, and interactive simulations to job aids, instructor manuals, presentations, and in-application performance support), Oracle User Productivity Kit can reduce overall software implementation and maintenance costs while maximizing the ROI on your enterprise application investments.

IT Convergence offers full UPK project lifecycle implementation support with highly skilled, Oracle Certified UPK Specialists. Contact us today for more information on how you can benefit from Oracle UPK in 2014!

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