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User Productivity Kit (UPK) Enhances End-User Experience with Conceptual Content

User Productivity Kit (UPK) Enhances End-User Experience with Conceptual Content
Business owners have realized that transactional content itself is not enough to convey the change management concepts during an ERP implementation or upgrade. Now, they require seamlessly integrated conceptual content authoring capabilities to give their employees all the additional information necessary to fully understand business processes and master in their job roles.Even though Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) brings value to every stage of an ERP project lifecycle, it is mainly known for its superior end-user adoption capabilities. UPK is the market leading tool for creating training content for ERP systems. The main differentiators from its competitors are the ability to rapidly create and easily maintain transactional and conceptual content for enterprise applications.
UPK creates content beyond typical “step-by-step” application instruction. It enables the end user to not only understand how to perform a certain task, but also why they are doing it and how it fits with the business context.

UPK enhances the content by integrating video, graphics and pictures, Microsoft PowerPoint slides, Adobe PDF documents, flowcharts, and other external media on the Module, Section and Frame level. In addition, Oracle UPK allows you to leverage existing content (created in other applications) by attaching the content to the Concept Pages or bubble text.

For example, in the Concept Page of a Module, Section or Topic the author can add an overview of the materials that will be covered to give the end-user an introduction to the process. In addition, an image of a flowchart can be added to further enhance the understanding of the process. However, if the introductory documentation already exists, but it is created in a different application, such as PowerPoint or Adobe PDF, it can be inserted through the Hyperlink option.

Example of the Web Page (or Concept Page) content in a Module 

Additional content can also be inserted on a Frame level for a better understanding of a certain step in the process.

Example of linking additional content to a Frame 

Using conceptual content in the training materials substantially facilitates and improves end-user adoption during an ERP implementation or upgrade. UPK allows the employees to fully understand the system processes and how they fit in the business context which leads to increased productivity and profit.
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