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IT Convergence Announces Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

“IT Convergence is proud to announce the availability of Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) using EMC Avamar and Data Domain technologies. BaaS can serve as the first entry for enterprises to Hybrid Cloud Computing, bringing reliability, service, SLAs, recovery time objectives (RTO) and world-class backup technology to enterprises, explains IT Convergence (ITC) President Patrick Krause. “ITC Cloud BaaS provides an Opex model versus Capex, a predictable monthly charge and reliable service with accountable SLAs, which allows our customers to focus what’s most important — on developing and managing their core business,” continues Krause.

ITC Cloud is offering its  Backup as a Service  in various deployment options: 

  • Software-based cloud backup where Avamar agents are installed within the customer’s enterprise and deduplicated data is backed up to the hybrid cloud
  • An on-premise Avamar appliance holding a master copy of data and subsequent backups to a Data Domain in the cloud
  • An on-premise Avamar appliance, backups to a Data Domain array in the cloud and replication of the backup data to a third data center for offsite retention and disaster recovery and business continuity

“Retain, replicate and recover – with ITC’s Backup as a Service (BaaS), using EMC Avamar and Data Domain. Avamar revolutionizes backups by moving deduplicated data across crowded networks, never backing up the same data twice. With Data Domain, deduplicate everything without changing anything. Integrate EMC Avamar and Data Domain from ITC’s BaaS into your environment now and gain deduplication benefits for backup, archiving and disaster recovery,” says IT Convergence Chief Architect and VP of Engineering, Bimal Doshi.

ITC’s Cloud BaaS offers tiered RTO models based on various retention policies, metered-usage and subscription-based pricing, stratified recovery, discovery and regulatory SLAs and various levels of service with an available user-friendly portal. ITC also provides value-added services such as longer retention by spinning off to tape, off-site storage and spin-up VMs for testing and development environments.

IT Convergence is the premier, global provider of Oracle Enterprise solutions. Through our consulting, education, development, enterprise cloud and managed services, we help customers improve business performance through better use of technology. Since 1998, ITC has successfully partnered with 600 companies in over 50 countries.