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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures are complex processes which can face operational challenges at any time of the deal lifecycle. Once the transaction is closed, the clock starts ticking and companies have a short window to ensure success. Failing to leverage this opportunity can have disastrous business consequences in the medium and long run.

While contingencies cannot be prevented, their risk can be minimized through selecting the right business partner. At IT Convergence we have partnered with many organizations to help them integrate their data and processes to achieve a unified environment. We focus on consolidating processes, business flows and transactions, streamlining all aspects from Change Management to take your business operations to maximum efficiency. We work on four pillars:

Comprehensive Planning

A merger or acquisition requires a formal integration strategy that is aligned with the goals of the transaction. Our teams work towards ensuring a smooth transition from day 1, concentrating their efforts on achieving your ROI and synergy targets

Getting Everyone on Board

Committing managers from both sides and gathering support from stakeholders is critical to a successful transition. Our professionals employ PMO and Training best practices to rally all parties around the project goals

Allocating Appropriate Resources

We make it our mission to optimize the use of resources, budget and timing. Our integration teams have technical and industry expertise to provide and the necessary skills for your project in a flexible, cost-effective manner

Improved Communication

Our team can help you leverage Oracle solutions and training to help you retain and reward your talent, conduct audits and effectively communicate new processes among divisions at a time when you need it the most

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