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Past Events

  • What is Oracle UPK and Why You Need to Know

    We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who joined us for our webcast "What is Oracle UPK?" The webcast was an outstanding success with over 120 people joining in an hour-long chat about UPK followed by a lively Q and A session. As you can probably tell, we am very enthusiastic about Oracle UPK because it really is a tool that can delivers value in so many different ways at almost every phase of an ERP implementation cycle. To that end, we are happy start you on the path to getting the most out of UPK by getting on the phone with you to do a UPK Demo or UPK Health Check. To set up your demo, simply reach out to us.

  • Oracle SOA/B2B Architecture: Your Key to a Robust eCommerce Platform-ERP Integration

    During the ‘90’s the promise of eCommerce tantalized: visit a web page, select from a menu, click “send” and violá – simultaneous payment and delivery! The world of on-line transactions was to be seamless, simple and, dare we say, almost carefree….

    Now we know that making eCommerce’s bedrock principle of “point, click, and purchase” both viable and user-friendly requires implementing an often tangled series web services, security protocols, and authentication algorithms.

  • Customer Success: Equifax’s Journey to Oracle EBS R12 in Latin America

    Listen to Daniel Moffet, VP of Financial Systems and Reporting at Equifax, discuss how his company rolled out Oracle E-Business Suite R12 in 5 countries in Latin America. What were the key strategies and actions they took? Find out what the results were and the next steps in their journey.

    This webcast covers:

    • Building Equifax’s business case, planning and starting the project
    • Main challenges, risks and key actions
    • Lessons learned and roadmap
  • Ready to Kickstart Your Oracle EBS Implementation?

    Any E-Business Suite implementation is a challenge. Defining the scope and goals, coordinating your resources, and resolving issues are all critical to the success of the project.

    However, rolling out in Latin America brings additional challenges like language barrierscultural differences, and ever changing regulatory requirements.

    Learn how to overcome these challenges and ensure a successful implementation and roll-out in this on demand webcast where we cover:

    • Understanding the future of Oracle E-Business Suite in Latin America
    • Implementation traditional approach vs. ITC's Approach
    • The In-house or Not-In house dilemma
  • Conquering China’s Complexity and Localization with Oracle E-Business Suite R12

    As the second largest economy in the world, China remains an important investment destination for multinationals given the substantial market possibilities and historic growth levels.

    However, to conduct business in China successfully your organization will need both technical knowledge and operational experience to handle localization problems, interpret legislation and monitor the operations of every subsidiary. This webcast includes:

    • Business overview and 2016 tax updates
    • Factors to consider when doing business in China
    • Oracle localization requirements
    • Solution to deal with language, reporting, and China's National Audit Office and Golden Tax system 
    • A case study of a manufacturing company


    Looking to expand your global Oracle footprint in 2017?