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Past Events

  • Oracle UPK: Your Swiss Army Knife for ERP projects

    Oracle’s User Productivity Kit has primarily been utilized within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry as a training tool, but did you know that UPK can add value to other stages of your software project lifecycle?

    In this webinar, our experts will demonstrate the key features of the UPK in the project lifecycle and explain why UPK can dramatically reduce your development costs, drive standardization, and increase the ROI of enterprise applications.

  • How Infirmary Health optimized EHR user adoption with ANCILE uPerform

    Join our webinar to interact with Infirmary Health’s CIO, Eddy Stevens, who will share his experience leveraging ANCILE uPerform to deliver cost-effective training in healthcare’s changing environment.

  • Ancile uPerform

    Get the most out of your software investment with uPerform 5.3

    With its most recent upgrade, uPerform 5.3 comes with newly enhanced features that will allow users to enjoy ever more dynamic content and accelerate time to adoption. Join our webcast to learn how uPerform can help boost your workforce adoption to technology investments and what new enhancements you can look forward to in their latest release: uPerform 5.3.

  • EBS Financials vs ERP Cloud: Key Functional Differences

    What sets ERP Cloud and E-Business Suite Financials apart? A few weeks ago, Matthew Conner, VP of Solution Sales at IT Convergence, presented a detailed time study of ERP Cloud. As a conclusion, our analysis found that by leveraging ERP Cloud’s new functionalities, your ROI can climb over $500K. In this occasion we’ll take a deep dive into the functional differences between the two ERP suites.

  • ¿Cómo cumplir con los Nuevos Requerimientos Fiscales en Colombia?

    Colombia has officially started the trial period for its new Electronic Invoicing system. The new reporting policy announced by the local statutory institution, the Dirección de Impuestos y Aduana Nacionales (DIAN), anticipates that companies operating in Colombia should start making the required changes in order to avoid possible fines in the future. To help organizations make the necessary changes in their Oracle E-Business Suite instance, we’re inviting you to a webcast where we will discuss strategies to tackle the new Electronic Invoicing system and a solution our team has developed.