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Past Events

  • Choosing a Remote DBA Service Provider

    Do you find yourself worrying about your business’ critical systems, looking to better, more economically maintain your Oracle or SQL databases, or wanting to focus internal resources on projects? If the answer is yes and you are looking to increase your operational efficiency, employee retention and save on costs, join us on May 26th, 2016 for the webinar focusing on ‘Choosing a Remote DBA Service Provider’ to discover solutions about how a Remote DBA service provider may help.

  • Painless Method to Get Your Data Migrated from EBS into HCM Cloud

    Data migration to Oracle HCM Cloud poses unique challenges. The manual migration is a complex and laborious process that requires time and experience, and comes with high risks and costly expenses. Why not simplify? Replace the time-consuming, expensive and risky manual processes with an automated Cloud Accelerator tool that can convert all the transactional data from 11i, R12, legacy systems and excel based data and save up to 70%.

  • Master End User Adoption in a Global Rollout

    Is ensuring employee readiness & adoption for your upcoming global implementation a priority on your table?
    Our team recently conducted a full blown global implementation of Oracle R12 for a multinational insurance brokerage company as part of their global finance project, and we have called in our change management & training champions to bring you the full analysis of this success story.

  • HPE UD

    Discover Oracle LMS in 1,2,3!

    If you are looking for a complete solution to effectively manage and control Oracle license usage and compliance throughout your organization, you should check out our upcoming webinar on HPE’s Universal Discovery for Oracle License Management. HPE’s tool is one of the only applications verified by Oracle which can provide data to solve all the pain points of IT compliance.

  • Roll Out Oracle in Latin America

    Customer Success: Equifax’s Journey to R12 in Latin America

    In this webinar, Daniel Moffet, VP of Financial Systems and Reporting at Equifax, will share how they rolled out Oracle E-Business Suite R12 in 5 countries in Latin America. What were the key strategies and actions they took? Find out what the results are so far, and the next steps in their journey.