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Past Events

  • ¿Cómo simplificar la captura de Folios Fiscales?

    Within the framework of Mexico’s electronic accounting regulations we can find the Folios Fiscales or UUID Codes in the accounts ledger. Many companies struggle to capture the codes without incurring in manual errors. For them and everyone else interested in the topic of simplifying this task, ITC is inviting all Spanish speakers to its webcast: “¿Cómo simplificar la captura de Folios Fiscales?

  • Oracle ERP Cloud Costs

    Oracle ERP Cloud: Let’s Talk Numbers!

    On April 7th, we invite you to dive deeper and discover the true ROI of leveraging Oracle’s ERP Cloud.  From deployment to ongoing expenses, in this webcast we will go over the elements that can dramatically reduce your operational costs and increase your ROI when moving to the Cloud.  We will also highlight often overlooked aspects that may cost you more when you are in the Cloud vs. a legacy on-premise system.

  • Ancile uPerform

    Accelerate software adoption with uPerform

    Did you know that effective user adoption is the number one factor in software success? ANCILE uPerform™ (also known as SAP Productivity Pak) is the fastest, easiest way to create, manage and deliver targeted, high-quality software learning content across the organization. It allows authors and subject matter experts to create, edit, and publish procedures, task-based simulations, and eLearning courses, and then quickly deploy that content to the entire workforce precisely at the moment of need.

  • Oracle’s Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service

    Modernized Financial Reporting for EBS with Oracle’s Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service

    An average finance professional can spend up to 85% of their time collecting and validating data to keep spreadsheets updated and build reports. This manual, non-value-added work can be simplified through technology. Oracle Financial Account Hub Reporting Cloud Service (FAHRCS) is an exceptional Financial Reporting solution as it allows users to focus on the core business by leveraging Cloud innovation with minimal implementation time and effort.

  • Testing Oracle Apps More Effectively using HPE UFT

    Join experts from HP Enterprise and ITC to learn how to test and automate releases of your Oracle Apps faster while increasing quality! Companies today are driven by numerous customizations and integrations that result in systems being developed faster and released into production several times a year. How do the multiple releases impact your business? If you are running Oracle applications and strive for integration, functional and regression testing and patching while lowering cost and time, join us to discuss the importance of where and how you can take advantage of automation using HPE UFT in our webcast.