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White Papers

  • China for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know Before Starting an Oracle Implementation

    For over a decade, China has boasted one of the world’s most dynamic economies. Configuring enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to meet local legal, linguistic, and cultural practices is one of the biggest hurdles corporations establishing operations in China must overcome.  This paper provides a roadmap for success that is based on the experience IT Convergence has accumulated by helping numerous clients implement Oracle 11i and R12.

  • Understanding China’s VAT and Golden Tax Systems and How to Integrate These with Oracle

    As one of the fastest growing markets, China’s economic boom is being closely followed by business leaders, corporations, and consumers worldwide. However, successfully entering this marketplace is not easy: the government’s changing and intricate regulations can present multiple hurdles to foreign firms conducting business in China. This white paper details the complexities of the Chinese Value Added Taxation (VAT) laws and Golden Tax (GT) project policies, and will demonstrate how Oracle E-Business Suite can help ensure accurate and streamlined compliance.

  • Rolling Out Oracle in Latin America

    With its proximity to the US, well-educated workforce, cost-competitiveness and improving economic stability, Latin America is a promising region for companies looking to expand internationally. But the market still presents important challenges to businesses, including language, cultural and legal differences. This white paper provides an overview of Latin America and shines a light on how implementing Oracle E-Business Suite can help organizations overcome issues common to the region, such as managing currency and exchange rate matters, unique local reporting requirements and other requirements.

  • Implementing Oracle Applications Release 11i in Brazil

    In the last decade, Brazil has grown to be the world’s seventh largest economy. Since many companies are now contemplating landing in the country, Oracle has developed solutions to fill the gap between Oracle Applications’ basic functionality and the complex legal and financial rules in Brazil. This white paper will help you consider the unique set of legal, cultural and economic considerations for implementing Oracle Applications 11i in Brazil, along with some Project Management and configuration tips to ensure your implementation is a success.

  • How to Plan a Global Oracle HRMS Rollout

    Globalization has made it possible to move materials and services across political boundaries, making consistent business practices a necessity. In their search for best practices, many organizations have discovered that Oracle HRMS is the perfect tool for those who wish to standardize their human resources procedures. This paper discusses how to identify which personnel processes can and should be globally standardized and provides insights into planning a global Oracle HRMS roll out, focusing on Planning the Project, Defining Project Scope, and Dedicating Project Resources.