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White Papers

  • Bridging the GAAP – Solutions for Reconciling the Differences Between US and China GAAP

    As the global marketplace continues to integrate, more and more companies are choosing to improve competitiveness by rolling out ERP applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite. This paper presents a case study of an international diet and fitness company’s global rollout of Oracle Applications 11.5.10CU2. Here you will find a high-level overview of the issues involved in global Oracle rollouts, a roadmap for successfully navigating those issues, and a host of best practices that will prove useful during a global Oracle deployment.

  • China for Dummies

    For more than a decade, China has boasted one of the world’s most dynamic economies. This dynamic economy provides global enterprises with a multitude of opportunities to either outsource or to do business in the massive Chinese market.

    Effectively capitalizing on these opportunities requires successfully dealing with a number of challenges. Configuring enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to meet local legal, linguistic, and cultural practices is one of the biggest hurdles corporations establishing operations in China must overcome.

    This paper draws insights from the experience IT Convergence has accumulated by helping numerous clients support their business operations in China by deploying the Oracle E-Business Suite. While the complexity involved in such a task should never be underestimated, this paper provides some basic guidelines which are critical to the success of a China implementation project.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Reporting with OBIEE – Why Reinvent the Wheel?

    Making and executing decisions at the executive level requires real-time access to KPI’s and other core business data. However, many times this data is scattered through the organization, flawed, biased and/or inconsistent. How can managers make fully informed decisions? A Business Intelligence solution can provide the answer to this conundrum. This white paper provides an overview of the Oracle’s flagship BI offering Oracle Business Intelligence Executive Edition aka OBIEE. Get clues on what you can expect from an OBIEE Implementation and, most importantly, why you’ll want to buy off the shelf and customize.

  • Oracle EBS Extensions for Endeca vs OBI Apps

    The end of life of Oracle Discoverer has sparked discussion about what should replace it. E-Business Suite extension for Endeca is embedded into EBS and has many interesting features to simplify users’ lives. OBI Apps is a full suite that uses a pre-built data mart and dash boarding capabilities to provide decision-making data. But, how to compare these tools? How does licensing work? What does the implementation plan look like? Which is best for you? This session answers these questions and more.

  • Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Tool External

    Ever wondered which reporting tool can provide your organization with the flexibility and information it needs? This white paper assesses the pros and cons of some of the reporting tools that can be used across Oracle Applications Modules and are most relevant to your reporting needs. Find a detailed account of the functionality and usability of Business Intelligence Discoverer, Business Intelligence Applications and Noetix, three reporting tools which are both popular and easy to integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite.