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White Papers

  • The Ultimate Guide to TCO

    Properly measuring the Total Cost of Ownership in your IT investments is key to build a scalable IT environment.

    In the IT world, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is used to calculate the total cost of purchasing and operating a technology product or service over its useful life. TCO provides a construct to evaluate technology costs that may not be reflected, or be apparent, in the upfront pricing.

    This whitepaper aims to provide the reader a better understanding of what TCO is, how to best estimate accurate TCOs for multi- layer technology investments, and easily recognize funds that can be used to adapt to new market scenarios.

    Download this whitepaper to:

    • Fully understand TCO
    • Learn when and where to apply TCO
    • Recognize common misconceptions and consequences
    • Get insight in how to measure TCO
    • Get recommendations for TCO optimization

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  • How does the Cloud deliver $5.4M more ROI than on-premise in 5 years?

    Get access to all the information you need to understand the costs and benefits of today’s highest-value ERP solutions.

    When the time for the next on-premise software upgrade arrives, a thorough assessment of each organization’s current and future required functionality will make the difference in terms of budget.

    This white paper aims to uncover a detailed time study for the ROI of Oracle ERP Cloud versus the on-premise version of the software in order to demonstrate how companies will save time, money and effort by embracing the new technology.

  • The Path from On Premise Virtualization to Cloud Infrastructure

    It seems like forever ago that we were talking about the revolution of virtualization using Oracle VM as a free product for Oracle E-Business Suite and both application server and database. So much has changed since then.

    Download our White Paper about how we transformed a large company’s on-premise Oracle EBS environment to a fully operational system hosted in Oracle IaaS, with minimal disruptions.

  • 10 Common Myths About Oracle Cloud Applications

    Most Oracle users share common doubts on security, while some even wonder if Cloud products are mature enough. For Oracle users, moving to the Cloud needs to be a strategic plan rather than a rash decision. We know it’s easy to get carried away with all the Cloud excitement, so we wanted to take a look at 10 of the most common Oracle Cloud misconceptions.

  • Rolling out Oracle E-Business Suite in Latin America

    Effective planning is fundamental for any Oracle E-Business Suite rollout to be successful. In this whitepaper, you’ll will find a quick guide of all the aspects an Oracle EBS implementation in the region implies, so you can plan accordingly:

    • Business climate in Latin America
    • Cultural and Language challenges
    • Legal and Statutory requirements
    • Main Benefits of implementing EBS in Latin America