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White Papers

  • Implementing Oracle Applications Release 11i in Brazil

    In the last decade, Brazil has grown to be the world’s seventh largest economy. Since many companies are now contemplating landing in the country, Oracle has developed solutions to fill the gap between Oracle Applications’ basic functionality and the complex legal and financial rules in Brazil. This white paper will help you consider the unique set of legal, cultural and economic considerations for implementing Oracle Applications 11i in Brazil, along with some Project Management and configuration tips to ensure your implementation is a success.

  • How to Plan a Global Oracle HRMS Rollout

    Globalization has made it possible to move materials and services across political boundaries, making consistent business practices a necessity. In their search for best practices, many organizations have discovered that Oracle HRMS is the perfect tool for those who wish to standardize their human resources procedures. This paper discusses how to identify which personnel processes can and should be globally standardized and provides insights into planning a global Oracle HRMS roll out, focusing on Planning the Project, Defining Project Scope, and Dedicating Project Resources.

  • Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Their Impact on VAT and Fiscal Credit in Argentina

    The devaluation of the Argentine peso in 2002 forced local companies to develop new business processes to document the impact that exchange rate fluctuations have on value added tax (VAT) payments and fiscal credit. This white paper examines how to take full advantage of Oracle Applications to deal with exchange rate issues. Learn how to properly document exchange rate fluctuations, find out which standard functionalities Oracle Financials Account Payables covers and how to compensate its limitations.

  • Deploying Oracle in China – Language and Localization Solutions

    When landing in China, all companies must deal with legal and linguistic differences. Fortunately, Oracle Applications Release 11i (Oracle 11i) includes the Unicode character set and offers businesses a powerful tool for meeting the Chinese localization challenge. In this white paper you will find an outline of Oracle’s MLS pack (Multilingual Support or Multiple Language Support) and an overview of the China localizations which need to be made during an Oracle 11i implementation.

  • Deploying Oracle in a Global Environment

    As the global marketplace continues to integrate, more and more companies are choosing to improve competitiveness by rolling out ERP applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite. This paper presents a case study of an international diet and fitness company’s global rollout of Oracle Applications 11.5.10CU2. Here you will find a high-level overview of the issues involved in global Oracle rollouts, a roadmap for successfully navigating those issues, and a host of best practices that will prove useful during a global Oracle deployment.