Why Upgrading Hyperion is Exactly What You Need Q&A

Last weeke we had our webcast “Why Upgrading Hyperion is Exactly What You Need”, and today our team is bringing you the transcript of the Q&A session that followed the presentation. If you’d like to review the webcast recording, you can always click here.

You said your “Upgrade in a box” is limited to a set of products, but we use other products like Hyperion Strategic Planning Finance etc. How do you recommend to upgrade?

The idea behind this “Upgrade in a box” is to provide upgrade services within selected products, so we target mostly the common ones as a restricted service. But it’s not the only option, we can take this as a baseline and add other additional requirements, such as Hyperion Financial or other products, and add them as part of the upgrade. The timelines will obviously then vary depending on your application footprint and then kind of upgrade. We also have a tailored service approach, focusing entirely on the customer needs and offering consultants stateside or near-shore, or a hybrid approach.

Why do I have to go for the later version of Hyperion, what benefits are there?

Good question. Why go to the latest version if I’m happy on the current one? Well, first, because the latest version always ensures that your system/mission critical data is safe from the ongoing latest cyber threats. Second, the availability of Oracle’s Support in case of any unforeseen issues – Oracle always offers better security, support and stability. This overall means an improved Hyperion environment, which ensures the smooth flow of your monthly, quarterly and yearly finance budgeting/consolidation process.

Regarding the benefits of upgrading or migrating, we have the new look and feel, new features like Maxl commands and calculations functions provides an enhanced and more stable calculation/Consolidation time. There’s also the new Dashboard design in Planning and the multi files load is now supported in HFM.

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