Accelerating Oracle EBS Migration & Upgrade to Private Cloud


  • Purging of transactions was not an option
  • No documentation to assist in identifying obsolete or retired objects and files
  • Duplicate tables and indexes throughout


  • Purged transient data
  • Removed obsolete and junk files
  • Removed obsolete, retired and duplicating database objects
  • Leveraged proprietary tried & tested scripts to Archive and Purge


  • Reduced database size by 30% & reduced storage costs
  • Reduced time to backup and clone Oracle EBS applications and database
  • Improved manageability of Oracle EBS environment
  • Reduced time to migrate the database to a secure ITC cloud
  • No investment was needed by the client for new tools to clean up unused data
Company Overview

Headquartered in Irwindale, California a leading Jewelry Store chain was concerned with the stability and reliability of its current hosting and managed services provider. ITC migrated the entire IT infrastructure to ITC’s secure private cloud. Prior to migrating to ITC, the file system and database needed to be cleaned up and remove obsolete objects to reduce storage requirements. They wanted to be prepared for an upgrade from to 12.2 after migration to ITC.



Applications & Technologies