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Robotic Process Automation

RPA technology brings important opportunities to improve efficiencies in an organization by automating activities that were previously executed by humans.

RPA can be applied to different areas in the organization, like Finance and Accounting, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, etc., where users can be released from repetitive, routine processes and invest their time in more creative and value-added actions.

RPA Benefits

Robotic Process Automation brings many benefits in addition to the cost reduction obtained by reducing the number of human resources required to complete a process.

Process Governance Benefits

Process governance is also benefitted as activity documentation is completely kept in the process definition and trace logs for all activities performed are generated.


By consistently applying the rules defined, the quality of the services delivered internally and externally are improved by reducing the number of errors and time to complete a transaction.

ITC Service Offerings

IT Convergence is committed to supporting our customers in the implementation of new and disruptive technologies like RPA.

To that extent, we have defined specific Robotic Process Automation solutions that help companies in different stages of their digital transformation. Our RPA services are:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automation Readiness Assessment

Identifying the right processes to automate requires specific experience to identify process candidates based on their volume of transactions, cost of operation, documentation, number of possible errors, etc.

Given the number and diversity of processes that are carried out in an organization, the selection of the first set of process candidates to automate must be done carefully and systematically.

The Automation Readiness Assessment offers a consulting service to review the processes executed at the organization and evaluate their suitability to be automated based on a number of process attributes that are relevant to the automation.

Duration: 1 week

Location: Service is delivered Onsite

Deliverables: Automation Readiness Assessment Document, which includes:

  • Descriptions of the processes reviewed
  • Descriptions of the attributes evaluated and the criteria followed to measure suitability
  • High Level estimation of the effort required to automate each process
  • Benefits to be obtained after automating each process
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA Governance Consulting

If you are considering deploying Robotic Process Automation or your organization has already automated several processes without proper evaluation of all the factors involved, our experts will help with the right Automation Governance Solution, so you can stay on top of the automation initiatives.

Robotic Process Automation runs across all departments and applications and requires solid rules to define things like:

  • How processes to be automated are selected and approved?
  • Who owns the automated processes and provides support on them?
  • How is security managed? How do we make sure robotic processes do not make an unauthorized use of the passwords and system credentials they have access to?
  • How are transactions entered by robotic processes logged so they can be properly audited?
  • What is the infrastructure required to run the RPA software so that it meets the organization security, performance and escalation goals?

Organizations that launch RPA using in-house resources or inexperienced vendors fail to scale and maintain RPA due to poor process selection, complex RPA development and governance challenges.

A strong Governance Plan allows business units to manage the business processes while letting the IT department protect the infrastructure. It defines roles and responsibilities and who has the authority to take each decision.

IT Convergence works strategically with each client by applying our experience and best practices on RPA implementation to guide and advise you in defining the policies that will let you stay in control of the RPA implementation projects, while successfully scaling and maintaining RPA.

Proof of Concept

Companies willing to evaluate their opportunities to automate their processes can choose to start with a Proof of Concept that can be used to validate the assumptions with minimal cost and risk.

The Proof of Concept is used to automate a relevant process and confirm the benefits of the technology and validate the requirements to implement it.

After a successful Proof of Concept, final users and stakeholders can feel more comfortable approving and providing the resources to support an initial Pilot Project, or a Rollout Project to expand the adoption of the technology in the organization.

Duration: 3-4 weeks

Location: Onsite / Remote (nearshore based from ITC Nearshore Development team in Buenos Aires, Argentina). Requirements and strategy are collected/defined onsite. Development work is delivered remotely.

Deliverables: Automated Process that emulates manual work carried over to complete a process.

Pilot Project

Companies that have already defined the need to automate some of their processes and want to start with a small project that can be used to demonstrate the benefits of the technology while at the same time automate an initial activity to gain experience with a real-life process running in its production environment, can execute a Pilot Project to accomplish those goals.

A Pilot Project for RPA expands the scope of a Proof of Concept by adding more business rules, implementing more robust logging and exception handling, and ends up with a promotion of the process to the production system.

Duration: 3-4 months

Location: Onsite / Remote (nearshore based from ITC Nearshore Development team in Buenos Aires, Argentina). Requirements and strategy are collected/defined onsite. Development work is delivered remotely.

Deliverables: Complete Automated Process in the production environment that replaces manual work to complete a process.

Rollout Project

For companies that are ready to extend the adoption of automated technology in their organizations, IT Convergence offers qualified consultants certified in the UiPath Robotic Process Automation software tools.

IT Convergence consultants deliver technical work from IT Convergence Nearshore office in Buenos Aires, Argentina and can travel onsite to the US, LATAM, Europe, or globally to participate in sessions that require onsite presence.

ITC resources are fully bilingual in English and Spanish, university graduates with 10+ years of experience in development and world class application implementation projects and several years of experience in automation projects.

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