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Why Managed Services?

In the IT landscape, business relies on fast-paced innovation and savvy, quick adoption of new technologies. Whether infrastructure or applications, executives must continuously consider the new capabilities or cost-savings that come with advancements in infrastructure and applications.

But technology brings with it maintenance and management – and if an organization isn’t prepared to handle those aspects, it can’t expect to see the benefits that innovation should bring. This can leave businesses stagnant, with management too focused on putting out IT fires to focus on business decisions – and in some cases, it prevents adoption of a new product altogether, leaving you left out of new benefits.

When working towards digital transformation with Cloud, it can seem like a question of keeping your head above water today, while still trying to look for tomorrow’s route. You can’t plan and schedule a new implementation project if you’re drowning in Help Desk tickets – so how do you proceed?

IT Convergence Managed Services

Enter Managed Services. Companies providing Managed Services are focused on how people, technology, and processes combine, and how to best optimize that interaction to provide value for your organization. It’s a way of outsourcing the behind-the-scenes support that makes a business run its work smoothly in the Cloud.

At IT Convergence, we think the best Managed Services Provider (MSP) should also be a partner to their customers. The purpose of an MSP is to keep your operations running smoothly at the smallest cost to you, and we’re invested in every part of that process.

In our experience, building rapport and trust with customers has helped provide more successful and future-oriented solutions, contracts, and staffing models – resulting in a better fit and more value for the customer. As the popularity of SaaS skyrockets across industries, the complexity of a managed services solution increases. With new integrations to build and ever-changing regulations, a MSP must build an understanding of each customer’s unique needs if it hopes to successfully provide efficiency gains and advisory services.

Just as important as understanding our customer’s business operations, our teams are dedicated to improving them. We’re transparent about where our customers can save money and hours, and deliver practical solutions to do so, such as providing end-users with training to enable them to perform quick-fixes. We take pride in turning small projects into long-term customer relationships, and in providing customers with a trusted managed service partner they can count on.

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What Services Does a MSP Actually Provide?

Reliable Support

One of the primary benefits of managed services is the ability for a business to offload its support work, allowing its management to focus on strategy and development projects. For a successful support solution, our Managed Services solutions includes a Global Service Desk with 24x7x365 availability. Long-term Service Delivery Managers are assigned to each customer for a stable point of contact. This also allows consultants to build a deep understanding of the customer’s environment, informing recommendations and advising later on down the road.

Assessments and Recommendations

IT Convergence retains experienced consultants with over 10 years of experience on average, who provide agnostic solution advice and recommendations to equip decision-makers with the information necessary to make the best business decision. For customers moving to a global market, we offer a single point of knowledge for global services consulting, massively simplifying a large-scale process. Regardless of where you are in the journey to Cloud or what technologies are in use, understanding your options for automating and optimizing your Cloud processes is the first step in building a bulletproof roadmap for your future IT operations.

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What Sets IT Convergence Apart?

IT Convergence provides Managed Services that fit within the context of our customer’s journey, whether you’re starting a migration to the Cloud or evaluating transformational services to optimize SaaS. We don’t force your environment into prepackaged contracts. Instead, we work with you to build a solution for today and a roadmap for tomorrow, taking a personal approach to understanding your current pain points and drawing on our experience to recommend the best path forward.

IT Convergence Customized Contracts

Customized Contracts

We don’t force your requirements into a pre-built set of parameters. Instead, we craft a custom managed services contract built to flex with your needs. Tailored solutions with on, near, or offshore staffing capabilities allow you to pick and choose the ideal level of support and pricing based on your requirements, giving customers the ability to scale with their business needs in either direction. Particularly popular are nearshore resources, which provide high-quality service during most hours of the North American day, at a reduced cost from onshore resources.

IT Convergence Strategic Investments in Automation

Strategic Investments

A proactive investment in automating and accelerating processes ensures IT Convergence clients are consistently receiving increased value through the Cloud. We work to reduce the time it takes to execute repeatable processes, freeing up time and resources so teams can focus on business decisions that matter. Some of our innovative DevOps solutions have been recognized by industry leaders and customers alike for their contribution to a more efficient way of doing business.

IT Convergence maturity


When it comes down to it, the success of managed service provider solutions depend on staffing. IT Convergence retains certified managed services consultants, which means a higher standard of work, with fewer staff needed in cross-functional environments. Managed Services contracts also can be multiple years in length. Knowing you can count on the same staff throughout support cycles ensures stability and continuity in your services. Instead of new consultants taking time to catch up to speed on projects, time is devoted to optimizing processes, or consultants aren’t working – which, with pay-as-you-go contracts, means you’re not paying.

IT Convergence Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

A managed services provider is charged with handling and protecting customer data. We take this seriously, as many of our customers work with sensitive information across a wide variety of compliance requirements. Our teams employ strong process adherence methodologies including standardized documentation for predictability and security in the most sensitive environments across the globe. Monthly reviews keep customers up to date on vulnerability levels and remediation plans, allowing managers to rest easy knowing their information is being handled carefully.

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