Internet of Things

Connect your global assets, unlock business insights, boost operational efficiencies, and transform your business using IoT


Asset Tracking and Tracing

Our IoT-enabled asset tracking and tracing solutions make it easier to remotely track and trace valuable assets and inventory in real time, enabling your business to decrease risk, reduce costs, and improve operations.
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Asset Condition Monitoring

Our IoT-enabled asset condition monitoring solutions capture the state of your machines and equipment, sending automatic alerts so that you get real-time visibility into asset health and utilization, and predict future events.
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ITC Approach

We don’t force your environment into pre-packaged contracts.Instead, we work with you to build a solution for today and a roadmap for tomorrow, taking a personal approach to understanding your current pain points and drawing on our experience to recommend the best path forward.

Whether it’s concerns around compliance issues, sensitive data, or simply a need for stability, our defined methodology for documenting and transitioning services provides transparent and reliable delivery every time.


Customers can combine resources from our onshore, offshore and nearshore delivery centers.


Get the most from your managed services. We rollover unused subscription support hours to the next month.

Business Continuity

IT Convergence retains a highly-skilled consultant staff with low attrition rates, providing you best experience.

Security and Excellence

Help ensure compliance and process adherence through rigorous documentation.



4 IoT Use Cases in Healthcare

60% of healthcare organizations have introduced IoT devices in their facilities. Learn how IoT can deliver better insights into patient health and improve care quality.

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Gartner Survey Analysis – IoT Adoption in Healthcare

Learn how healthcare CIOs are embedding IoT into their operations, for both clinical care delivery and business processes.

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Role of IoT in Demand Planning and Forecasting

How IoT can improve demand forecasting by accurately predicting changing demands, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

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