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VIEW FLYER ITC CARES: AI-powered thermal screening, mask detection, hygiene monitoring, and employee tracing, with integrated business and HR workflows

ITC CARES: Control Access with Rapid Employee Screening

Organizations are facing the risk of disruption to their day-to-day operations due to COVID-19. Visitor screening solutions with thermal cameras can be deployed for touchless screening at various checkpoints in your facility, scanning and visitors for elevated body temperature and PPE compliance before they enter your workplace.

ITC CARES, our Artificial Intelligence-powered visitor screening solution detects temperature, ensures compliance with safety guidelines (such as PPE usage at the point of entry), and supports advanced analytics (such as tracing of employees, analyzing the increase and spread of positive cases, etc.) Integrated workflows notify the HR when someone tests positive for COVID-19 and alert your staff of possible exposure to the infected individual, while making sure that the person’s privacy is fully protected.


Fever Detection

Conduct thermal screening at the points of entry to identify people with elevated skin temperature

Mask Detection

Ensure PPE compliance by screening visitors for facemask usage at the points of entry

Hygiene Monitoring

Improve compliance and reduce the risk of infection by monitoring hand sanitization at the points of entry

Social Distancing

Ensure proper social distancing and prevent overcrowding at the workplace, especially at common areas

Employee Identity & Traceability

Integrate your employees’ ID cards with access control systems to remotely add, enable and disable access to specific areas


  • AI-powered, cloud-based solution provides real-time monitoring, secure collaboration, and instant notifications
  • Screen a large number of visitors quickly and efficiently with minimal screening staff
  • Centralized command center for visibility into screening operations across multiple locations and facilities, with detailed reporting and analytics
  • Reduce the risk of infection to your staff through non-contact screening
  • Get accurate temperature readings and quickly identify at-risk individuals
  • Monitor and improve PPE and sanitization compliance
  • Send real-time alerts to relevant personnel and enable them to respond quickly
  • Provide your staff with quick access to critical information via simple, user-friendly dashboards

Solution Architecture


ITC CARES integrates with your business and HR applications to create automatic, customizable workflows – such as sending notifications to the company HR or the concerned Manager when safety guidelines are violated. The solution is fully customizable and the workflows can be tailored to your environment and business needs.

What happens when the workflow is triggered?

  • The employee is notified via the mobile app that he/she has a possible infection of COVID-19
  • The HR department sends an email with a leave form, recommending a quarantine
  • The employee is provided with the details of the nearest testing facilities
  • The concerned Manager and the Payroll department are notified that the employee is on leave
  • Any co-worker(s) who came in contact with the infected employee are notified that they’re at risk of exposure
  • After the employee has recovered, he/she is asked to provide a doctor’s note stating that it’s safe for him/her to return to work


  • Airports and other public transit systems
  • Law enforcement and frontline medical facilities
  • Commercial and residential buildings, and office facilities
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities
  • Factories, warehouses, and other manufacturing facilities
  • Hotels, shopping malls, and big-box retailers
  • Amusement parks, convention centers, and sports facilities


Core body temperatures should be further confirmed using clinical measurement devices like thermometers. It is recommended to use thermographic cameras in accordance with local laws and regulations.

There can be variations in temperature if the camera is used in an ambient environment. It is recommended to use the camera in covered areas or under shade for better performance. IT Convergence and our partners do not guarantee the performance of cameras in external environments.


What are the challenges of manual temperature screening?

They’re using infrared thermometers which requires having an individual in the lobby doing it manually for all the visitors. This process is slow because the individual has to take the temperature manually at each point of entry and also puts everyone at risk of COVID-19. Also, many buildings have multiple entry points and it’s hard to have people monitor all those entry points.

One advantage of ITC CARES is that it can be deployed at both points of entry and exit. Deploying the ITC CARES solution at the point of exit allows you to identify employees who didn’t show any symptoms when they came in to work, but developed symptoms later in the day. And then through contact tracing you can figure out where they were in the office, who they came in contact with, and take the next steps.

Can we use our own cameras and how are they installed?

Yes, we can integrate the solution with any camera, but for optimal performance we recommend Hikvision cameras.

Hikvision manufactures and ships the cameras to your location and you have to install them yourself. The installation is pretty simple and you can do it using a tripod stand. This is also being done to ensure compliance with safety regulations as sending an installation crew to the location is a risky and cumbersome process during the pandemic. After the cameras are installed, we take care of all the workflow integration remotely.

What information is captured and where does it reside?

The ITC CARES solution doesn’t capture any employee data. AI-powered cameras capture and analyze information such as thousands of pictures of people wearing face masks and can detect if somebody’s wearing an N95 face mask or a surgical face mask or a basic homemade face mask. The solution is cloud-based and leverages Microsoft Azure but we can also deploy it on-premise if that’s how the customer wants to deploy it.

Can the cameras be installed outside?

Yes, you can install the cameras outside using a black box, but for optimal performance we recommend installing it indoors and away from direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can affect the camera performance and result in inaccurate readings.

Does ITC CARES integrate with ID card scanning solutions?

Though ITC CARES doesn’t capture any personal information, you can integrate it with ID card scanning to improve your contact tracing efforts. Employees typically scan their ID cards at the same time as the AI-powered thermal camera is getting their temperature reading and monitoring their face mask usage. This way you can associate that information to the details of the ID card that was scanned and trigger a workflow for that employee and anyone he/she came into contact with. The same process is followed when an employee scans their ID card to exit the building.

Can ITC CARES integrate with my ERP and HCM systems?

Yes, ITC CARES can integrate with most of the major ERP and HCM systems including Oracle, Microsoft, and Workday. These integrations can be used to trigger automated, customizable business and HR workflows for employees who display an elevated body temperature or violate any safety guidelines.

What is the term of the contract and what is the payment model?

We do a 12-month contract at the minimum with two payment models. Customers can either pay for the entire solution upfront or opt for a monthly pay-as-you-go model. IT Convergence will provide all the necessary support during this period.