Aircraft Parts Supplier Migrates from Discoverer to Power BI

Faster Reports and Improved Data Visualizations Enable Better Decision Making


The client was using Oracle Discoverer as a reporting tool for Oracle E-Business Suite but wanted to replace it as it's a legacy solution and does not work with any data sources other than EBS. Apart from the fact that Oracle has ended support, Discoverer wasn't intuitive and took a long time to run reports which had limited drill-down capabilities. Creating reports also required technical expertise, making the entire process slow and cumbersome. They evaluated Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and Power BI and decided to implement Power BI as it was a better fit for their needs.


ITC worked with the client for Oracle EBS development and support and knew their environment well. ITC migrated their 11 reports from Oracle Discoverer to Microsoft Power BI. These reports were spread across different business areas including Finance and Procurement. ITC helped them connect Active Directory to Power BI, enabling them to get all their data in one place, and explore the data with a variety of customizable reports. ITC also connected Power BI to their EBS database, providing secure and standardized real-time access to Oracle EBS data in Power BI.


  • Optimized finance and procurement reporting
  • Faster and more accurate reports in Power BI
  • Fast implementation without impacting day-to-day operations
  • Self-service capabilities reduced reliance on internal IT
  • Improved user interface and data visualizations
  • Resolved browser compatibility issues faced by Discoverer
Company Overview

The client is a leading manufacturer and repair center for superior quality FAA-approved harnesses and hoses. They are certified distributors for quality management systems, for assembly of OEM components, and as a manufacturer of engine harnesses.



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