American Health Care Company Partners With ITC

To execute divestiture of one of their business divisions


  • Coordination with 10 different parties involved in the project: ITC Global teams, Divested Entity (DE), Client Business teams, ePrentise and 3rd party stakeholders
  • Business had not accurately defined business rules for areas like chart of accounts, at the beginning of the project causing issues when ePrentise’s tool scripts were executed
  • This and the dependency on data also had an impact on 3rd party interfaces requiring 5 rounds of testing to be performed


In support of this project, ITC provided the following Services to the Client:

  • Project Management, Testing and Technical support for the overall project scope
  • Work with the ePrentise Team to assist the Cllient’s functional team through the divesture process – using ePrentise software and methodology
  • Testing - work with Envision team to build and execute the following, with particular emphasis on CEMLI testing and remediation:
    • Test Plan
    • Test Scenarios
    • Test Execution
    • Test Result Validation
    • CEMLI Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing


Thanks to our support Envision was able to:

  • Successfully clone DE Instance from Client and purge DE data from Client’s production system
  • Re-point all 3rd Party and boundary application systems to the new DE production instance and business data validations
  • Clearly define and segregate duties, roles & responsibilities for divested entity & parent
  • Achieve a smooth transition with a cut-over planned and executed in 92 hours
  • Have a different production system from DE, with both companies having a system focused on each business and customers
Company Overview

Client is an American healthcare company and national hospital-based physician group. The client was looking for a partner to execute divestiture of its medical transportation business and help them segregate their Functions and Processes from their Company and streamline and enhance their IT functions as well.