Archive & Purge – Assessment

Implementing Information Lifecycle Management Strategy for optimizing Oracle EBS applications


  • Complex data retention requirements required adherence to regulatory reporting for some countries in APAC
  • The company had not documented any data retention, archival, or compression plan to date
  • Lack of inter-department coordination for taking a decision on solution design
  • Complex on-demand query access and reporting requirements on historical data


  • Designed and implemented an On-going Information Life Cycle strategy for EBS Financials (GL, AR, AP, CE, FA), Purchasing, HR, and Compensation
  • Automated purging of transient Oracle EBS data
  • Partitioning of large tables and indexes


  • Reduced size of the database by more than 32% thereby increasing storage space and increasing performance
  • Consulting workshop with insights on global data retention and regulatory requirements in retail, for IT, Legal and Business teams to learn best practices for decision making on their growing data
  • Designed & executed an effective Information Life Cycle Management strategy for ongoing management, archive, and purge of historical transactions
  • Data access and reporting strategy now supports business and global regulatory requirements by following the global best practices
  • Saving time on maintenance tasks by implementing automated purging of transient Oracle EBS data
Company Overview

The largest specialty retailer in the United States and 3rd in total international locations with a portfolio of worlds leading retail brands had over 20 years of data and the Oracle EBS database was becoming excessively large, affecting performance and regular maintenance activities.