Data Visualization Workshop for a Leading Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

Optimized Power Bi Reports Improve Information Access and Enable Faster Analysis


The company was an existing ITC customer who wanted to improve their Power BI reporting performance. They were running multiple reports and requested a data visualization workshop to take advantage of Power BI visualizations and streamline their reporting.


ITC’s data visualization experts created a tailored hands-on workshop to review and improve the customer’s existing Power BI reports. ITC demonstrated the best practices for creating Power BI reports, applying cognitive load theory and Gestalt Principles of Design to visually improve the reports and eliminate visual clutter. This resulted in improved performance and reduced loading time through the unification of visuals and the removal of unnecessary graphic objects.


  • Improved user experience with lower wait times, intuitive visuals, and simple navigation, leading to greater adoption and use
  • Process standardization allows future modifications and upgrades to be based on best practices, and carried out with greater efficiency
  • Better access to information allows both IT teams and end-users to easily understand and analyze the data
  • Optimized reports save time and resources by reducing the need for maintenance and lowering response times
  • Less server load, fewer heavy queries, and fewer resources reduce the risk of server outages or slowdowns
Company Overview

The client is a global technology, software, and engineering company that provides solutions for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. They manufacture electrical equipment, such as valves, actuators, regulators, motors, compressors, and control systems, and provide software and engineering services for a variety of applications.



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