Global Management Consulting Firm Relies On ITC

To Develop Business-critical Application And Provide The On-going Development Support


  • 100% Custom Application with dozens of forms, reports and interfaces
  • Client didn’t have the bandwidth to maintain a complicated custom infrastructure


ITC dedicated a project manager and a team of nearshore developers to provide technical management and development support of the complex Time & Billing custom application, while preventing maintenance issues. ITC further continued to support the client with the on-going development initiatives through our staff leasing model.


  • Improved scalability, adaptability & maintainability of development projects
  • Robust performance of the custom-built application to effectively serve ongoing client needs

As a consequence of the good results, ITC continues providing support for this
client, now with a team of 8 resources participating in different side projects like
development implementation and migrations.

Company Overview

An American multinational management consulting firm & business strategy leader with more than 90 offices in 50 countries had just implemented an ERP system, which could not meet the time & billing function requirements. After searching for a better fit, they ultimately resorted to building their own custom time & billing system. As a result, they needed a partner that could help them build the application and continue to support them with the on-going development needs, while maintaining continuity within their internal development team.




Applications & Technologies

No application and tech.