Global Toys and Consumer Products Manufacturer Implements Tableau and BigQuery

Creates a Single Source of Truth for Better Decision-Making


The client was using an outdated reporting solution without any visualization capabilities. They needed to perform complex calculations which involved a lot of manual effort. They had not formulated a data strategy and were running multiple data sources, so it was becoming increasingly difficult to determine the actual source of the data in their applications and systems.


The client selected Tableau as their reporting tool after a comprehensive evaluation. IT Convergence worked with them closely to implement Tableau and create a single version of the truth across the enterprise. Google BigQuery was deployed to perform complex calculations and consolidate their data from different source systems. IT Convergence also created a semantic layer to enable easy access and provide a consistent view of data for users across the enterprise.


  • Faster insights and better decision making with a single source of truth
  • 50% reduction in manual efforts for complex calculations
  • Improved data sharing and collaboration enabled by an effective data strategy
  • Real-time reports with interactive visualizations and self-service capabilities
Company Overview

The client is a leading global children's entertainment company that specializes in the design and production of quality toys and consumer products. They operate in 40 locations and sell products in more than 150 countries in collaboration with the world's leading retail and technology companies.




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