Home Furnishing Company Implements Microsoft Power BI

Improves reporting capabilities for C-level, Sales, Operations, and Ecommerce


The client was using IBM i Access a Java-based interface with basic reporting capabilities. They wanted to transform their reporting capabilities from a tabular format to a more visual, interactive format with a better interface, and greater security. They were also struggling with poor quality, inaccurate data which was skewing their analysis. They selected Microsoft Power BI because it met all their reporting requirements.


IT Convergence worked with the client’s team and created an Azure Data Warehouse with Power BI. We developed custom Power BI dashboards for C-level, Sales, Operations and Ecommerce. These dashboards provided better visibility into sales, operations, inventory, and ecommerce data, such as sales pipeline, inventory management, shipping and logistics, etc. ITC implemented role-based access control to ensure better security and governance, and restrict data access only to authorized users. We also conducted training sessions for the end-users to improve productivity and user adoption.


  • Faster, more powerful reporting using Power BI
  • Advanced data visualization capabilities with an interactive, easy-to-use interface
  • Improved data quality and accuracy
  • Better security with role-based access control
Company Overview

The client is a leading privately owned textile manufacturing company, offering a wide selection of home furnishings products. They design, manufacture, and market fabrics and flooring solutions, including linoleum and asphalt floor coverings, rugs, and carpets.



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