Industry-leading Provider of Industrial Cutting Turns to ITC

To Improve & Scale Their Development Projects


  • As manufacturer with global distribution model and diverse custom applications, the client was facing daily operational challenges
  • The client had numerous custom applications with different sources, including APEX, ASP, Excel, etc. that they had hard time maintaining efficiency.


After understanding operating model and what the client wanted to achieve with the development effort, ITC recommended building new application framework and migrating all the legacy custom applications to the new framework in order to integrate with their ERP and provide a unified User Experience (UX).


  • The new application was successfully built, on time and on budget, and all the previous custom applications were migrated to the new framework, making them easier to manage and maintain thanks to a single UX integrated with their ERP
  • Since that project Hypertherm has worked with ITC for 7+ years in different projects like:
    • Building custom applications for managing the flow of the price definition process for new products
    • Developing an application to manage a dynamic catalog to classify their products based on more than 20 variables, which they can edit and add.
    • Building an application for patent management related to its products
    • Developing more than twenty applications and reports for data management of BOM (Bill of Materials), ECO (Engineering Change Orders), Inventory, Suppliers, Stock, Prices and Costs, etc.
Company Overview

Our client, an industry-leading provider of industrial cutting solutions with innovative proprietary technologies, looked for a partner that could improve their business operations & expand their senior US-based development team. The client needed to easily scale up or down resource availability for the ad-hoc and long-term development projects, while maintaining continuity. Historically, they had done all development  work internally and had concerns moving to an outsourced model.





Applications & Technologies

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