IT Convergence Helps Industrial Gas Supplier Develop Testing and Training Materials Simultaneously

By partnering with ITC, this Industrial Gas Supplier was able to successfully implement their proprietary application “Transport Optimization” efficiently and on-time.


As part of the Harmony R12 Upgrade project, this Industrial Gas Supplier needed to implement a proprietary application. When this Industrial Gas Supplier contacted IT Convergence the project team was documenting test scripts manually and would not have been able to complete their system testing on time while simultaneously developing training materials. This issue was jeopardizing the go-live deadline and end-user adoption.


By partnering with IT Convergence, this Industrial Gas Supplier was able to leverage Oracle User Productivity Kit scripts for system testing, as well as take advantage of other UPK training materials (interactive simulations, job aids, training guides, etc.), all created from one recording session in UPK. ITC also worked with Subject Matter Experts to document this Industrial Gas Supplier’s in-house application system processes.


Company Overview

This Industrial Gas Supplier is a French-based multinational company that supplies gases and services for industrial and healthcare uses. The company produces gases from air or by using the planet’s natural resources, packages and distributes them to its customers directly for their processes or to hospital and patients. This industrial gas supplier is the second largest in the world, with operations in over 80 countries with around 43,000 employees.




Applications & Technologies