Leading Pension Fund Manager in Latin America Implements OAC And ADWC

Uses Machine Learning to Reduce Customer Attrition and Improve Customer Loyalty


The client wanted to reduce customer attrition and improve customer loyalty to avoid losing customers to competitors from the private space. They needed advanced machine learning capabilities to analyze large amounts of customer data and identify which customers were the most profitable. They wanted to know which customers were most likely to leave and offer customized loyalty programs and other benefits to improve retention.


ITC implemented Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) along with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) as the client required advanced machine learning capabilities. Two machine learning models were developed in ADWC, and the source data in Oracle database was transformed using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The ODI transformations were scheduled to run in batches once every two weeks and data visualizations were created in OAC to view the results of the machine learning models.


  • Ability to identify which types of customers were most likely to leave and take preventive action
  • Ability to identify and segment the most profitable customers
  • Ability to identify common patterns among the customers who left using machine learning
  • Improved customer loyalty and reduced customer attrition
Company Overview

The client is a government entity and one of leading providers of retirement and pension funds in Latin America. Established in 1993, they provide customers with comprehensive and personalized advice on pension plans and related products.



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