Leading University-connected Research Foundation in New York

Strengthens Security Posture on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


  • Blueprint of cloud architecture and network topology were not available for initial security posture assessment
  • Current security posture was impacting user experience and functionality of application
  • Native security functionalities were not optimally used to maximize the defense from cyberthreats
  • Skill-gap for security posture designing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


  •  Designed the updated cloud architecture and network topology for initial assessments
  • Shared industry best practices with CIS Controls for optimum security posture using Vulnerability Scanning Service (VSS) & Oracle Cloud Guard
  • SecOps and Cloud Experts shared knowledge of the services implemented, reviewed the basic tuning performed, and point out items of interest and advice for future fine-tuning for security hardening


  • Increased security posture with potential risks identification in the cloud tenancy configuration as well as potential actionable to achieve the desired states
  • Visibility in the state of the servers, permissions, roles and actions that occur within the tenancy as well as opening the door for future automation & alerts
  • Evolving the security to industry standards, problem identification and oversights in the configuration, and dramatically changed their ability to protect themselves from cyberthreats
  • Knowledge-transfer for future fine-tuning for cloud security hardening
Company Overview

The largest comprehensive university-connected research foundation in USA spending over a billion dollars on research annually wanted to evolve cloud security to industry standards, find problems and oversights in the configuration, and dramatically change the ability to protect from cyberthreats for their mission critical application running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

To design a robust security posture, they were seeking to engage an Oracle Cloud Certified expert partner for a security review and also gain knowledge for Oracle Cloud Security Tools & Technologies -Oracle Cloud Guard and native built-in Vulnerability Assessment.

ITC being one of the 7 certified CSPE partners in North America has experts to consult, build, operate and manage critical applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.