Leading Visual Media Company

Finds Full Managed Services Partner


Due to the constantly changing environment and the multi-year length of the project, ensuring smooth transitions despite inevitable turnover was a major focus. With the complexity of the business environment and its fluid requirements, the abilities to bring new team members up to speed and reference documentation was a vital requirement for a successful project.


  • Through flexible and fluid assignments of IT Convergence personnel, the customer layered different services on top of one another as requirements changed over the course of the project notably AWS, Oracle, SQL infrastructure management & development activities
  • Scaled from the original testing project to full support for their global Oracle Applications footprint, using onsite managers for production support as primary points of contact and supplementing them as needed with staff from our “right-shoring” model
  • With the new support model in place, project ramp-up for new personnel needs declined considerably
  • To facilitate future projects, our support teams rigorously documented all custom components in each work process
  • We uphold transparent communication through Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), ensuring the proper adjustments are made to the customer’s support personnel staffing and full utilization is maintained


Streamlined country rollouts/improvements in operating standards: NA/EMEA/APAC. With support processes automated, the customer increased their focus on the core business strategy and decisions rather than devoting end-users and IT personnel to support. They achieved 24×7 support without any correlating increase in cost as a result of maximum utilization of personnel. The customer also reduced overhead IT project costs, allowing them to scale projects and leverage industry-leading vendors and technology, all while continuing to operate with their core team.

Company Overview

A leading visual media company with $1.5 B in annual revenue – was facing the difficult problem of finding a partner with both the technical and functional expertise to support their Oracle environment, but also the ability to scale support to new projects – a common occurrence for the organization.

After a successful Testing project, our client decided to rely on IT Convergence for additional scopes of work, incrementally shifting the entire testing, DBA, and Analytics workloads to a partner they can trust.