Supply Chain Solutions Provider migrates from Oracle Discoverer to Oracle Analytics Server

Enables Real-time Reporting from Oracle E-Business Suite and other Data Sources


The client was using Oracle Discoverer, a legacy reporting tool that wasn't intuitive and took a long time to run reports. Creating these reports also required technical expertise and users had no easy way to drill down into the reports. This often resulted in more unanswered questions for business users and additional requests to the IT department. The client also had sister companies across the globe which were running different ERP systems owned by different stakeholders, making integrated reporting difficult.


ITC divided the project into two phases – In phase 1, ITC migrated 20 Discoverer reports for the client across 5 business areas to subject areas in Oracle Analytics Server (OAS). In phase 2, we built an on-premise data warehouse that collected real-time financial information from Oracle EBS and other ERP systems from sister companies across the globe. The data from these different data sources was combined using Oracle Data Integrator to create a data warehouse and executive dashboards were created in OAS. Advanced mobile capabilities in OAS enabled access to these dashboards and visualizations from mobile devices.


  • Faster executive reporting without reliance on IT
  • Advanced capabilities including data visualization, predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Mobile BI capabilities allowed users to access real-time reports on the go
  • Single source of truth across different business entities
Company Overview

The client specializes in the supply of standard and customer-specific components through catalog distribution, customized inventory management programs and product delivery services. They are part of a parent group of companies, leading in tillage, planting, seeding, small parts and service with 8 manufacturing facilities worldwide, over 70,000 SKU's and 5 trade brands.



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