Education Services

Education Services

Education Services

“Training is an event, learning is a process, knowledge transfer happens daily.”

Jordan Collard,
Practice Director

Here at IT Convergence we strongly believe people don’t buy WHAT we do, but WHY we do it! In today’s world, knowledge has become more powerful than ever, with ever changing landscapes such as technology evolution, mergers & acquisitions and globalization, being able to ensure the end-user adoption of technology investments is a must to maximize the organizational effectiveness & ROI.

Our Instructional Systems Design team adds value at every stage of the project life-cycle by delivering highly effective custom training solutions with your end users in mind.

Our expertise has empowered users across the globe for various initiatives such as:


Training Services


ITC’s proven approach is structured to be able to be deployed quickly, yet flexible enough to cater to all our clients’ individual needs. We understand your environment, processes, audience and your business goals, adding value to every stage of the project lifecycle by delivering highly effective custom training solutions with your end users in mind.

At IT Convergence we have methodologies and templates in place based on sound instructional design principles to assist your organization in deploying highly effective training, mitigating resistance to change and ensuring that your end-users hit the ground running.

ITC’s instructor-led training (ILT) service provides face to face interaction with the audience, enhancing their learning experience. Engaging activities, such as ice breakers, games, polls and real life scenarios increase the levels of retention and evolvement.

Virtual instructor-led training (vILT) is a cost-efficient alternative to traditional classrooms. With a team of specialized instructors, appropriate delivery techniques, activities and tools, learners benefit from our blended strategy by experiencing the benefits from the traditional approach in a virtual setting.

IT Convergence offers comprehensive UPK solutions, from installation and hosting to training, strategy consulting and content development. Thanks to our highly skilled team of Oracle-Certified UPK Specialists, IT Convergence is the only Oracle-Specialized company in delivering UPK solutions globally.

Being a global company, IT Convergence supports many global rollouts. With local expertise and a team of multi-lingual consultants and trainers, we have the ability of translating, developing, localizing and delivering diverse training content in multiple languages.