Enterprise Chatbot for On-Premise Applications

Transform your Oracle E-Business Suite and other on-premise applications with our Generative AI-powered chatbot solution.

Our next-generation enterprise chatbot solution will revolutionize how your organization accesses and interacts with critical data such as customer information, sales data, inventory status, and more. Our intuitive, Generative AI-powered platform is engineered to integrate seamlessly with multiple enterprise applications including Oracle EBS, providing users with unparalleled efficiency, security, and flexibility.



Multi-Database Integration

Connect effortlessly with various enterprise application databases, both relational and non-relational, including ERPs like Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, and more.

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Language Support

Support multiple languages, helping users communicate and retrieve information in their preferred language and eliminating language barriers.

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Generative AI Capabilities

Our chatbot is powered by advanced generative AI models like ChatGPT, which are trained on vast amounts of data to understand user queries and provide contextually relevant responses. This enhances user experience and productivity by delivering accurate and timely information.


Feedback Mechanism

Our chatbot allows users to provide real-time feedback on responses. If a response is not satisfactory, users can request a regeneration, prompting the chatbot to provide a new response. This ensures continuous improvement and accuracy, as the chatbot learns from user feedback.

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Debugging for Power Users

Technical users can review the query to retrieve data, facilitating debugging and optimization.



Centralized Platform

A centralized enterprise chatbot platform, eliminating the need for separate chatbots for each enterprise system.

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Enhanced Data Security

With multiple layers of security in place, including network, access, data, and multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensure the confidentiality and integrity of enterprise data.

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Simplified User Interface

Provide a unified and user-friendly interface, empowering non-technical users to quickly retrieve information without extensive IT support.


Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness

Our solution offers low infrastructure costs and can scale up or down based on user volumes and database integrations. This ensures optimal performance and cost efficiency, as the solution can adapt to your organization’s needs without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Key Differentiators

Leverage the latest generative AI technology, even with legacy ERPs like Oracle EBS that lack built-in support for such solutions. Unlike traditional chatbots, we offer seamless integration with multiple enterprise systems, providing a comprehensive solution for information retrieval.


Customization and Integration

Our solution can be customized to suit the specific needs of different organizations and seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems, including both application databases and generative AI models.

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Scalability and Multilingual Support

Our solution is highly scalable, capable of handling increased user volumes and expanding to serve additional departments or functions. Multilingual support ensures optimal user experience for organizations operating in diverse geographies.

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Deployment Options and Costs

Our solution offers flexible deployment options, including on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment models. Costs vary based on infrastructure, storage, and usage of generative AI services.
Responsive Support

Support and Regulatory Compliance

Our dedicated team provides 24×5 support with SLAs of up to 2 hours, ensuring timely resolution of queries and issues. We also assist organizations in understanding and implementing regulatory compliance requirements related to data security and privacy.

ITC Approach

We don’t force you into pre-packaged contracts. Instead, we work with you to build a solution for today and a roadmap for tomorrow, while understanding your pain points and recommend the best path forward.

Whether it’s concerns around compliance issues, sensitive data or simply a need for stability, our well-defined methodology for documenting and transitioning services provides transparent and reliable delivery every time.


Customers can combine resources from our onshore, offshore and nearshore delivery centers.


Get the most from your managed services. We rollover unused subscription support hours to the next month.

Business Continuity

IT Convergence retains a highly-skilled consultant staff with low attrition rates, providing you best experience.

Center of Excellence

Help ensure compliance and process adherence through rigorous documentation.