Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service

Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service

Real-time reporting is no longer a pipe dream

Oracle Financial Account Hub Reporting Cloud Service (FAHRCS) is an exceptional Financial Reporting solution as it allows users to focus on the core business by leveraging cloud innovation with minimal implementation time and effort.

In a very short time, you can get multidimensional reporting with an Essbase cube, you get the Smartview plug in, a better allocation engine, great accounting monitoring functionality and account analytics functionality on top of your existing general ledger system.

Oracle built the integration and synchronization of master data between EBS & FAHRCS. This prebuilt integration means master data only has to be managed in one location. The integrated drilldown also allows for the reporting and SmartView functionality to drill back to the subledger details (i.e. AP, AR, Fixed Assets, etc.).

The Essbase database provides users with an always consolidated view of the data. This approach speeds reporting, inquiries and allocations. The Essbase is optimized for processing high volumes of data to support the always aggregated view of the data.

The Essbase database in FAHRCS provides multidimensional reporting for users in a self-service environment. Users can: slice and dice their data by changing the point of view; export the reports to pdf, Excel, PowerPoint and Word; drillback to EBS Subledgers; leverage SmartView for more ad-hoc analysis.

Utilizing the SmartView plug-in for MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint and Word), users can do Ad-Hoc analysis in real-time with drilldown to the Subledger transactions.

FAHRCS gives accounting users a more robust allocation engine that supports multidimensional allocations.

FAHRCS provides the ability to view any of the financial reports from a mobile device. It adds visualization functionality to help drive business analysis from complex data sets.

Oracle Social Network is a secure private network that provides a broad range of social tools designed to capture and preserve information flowing between people, enterprise applications, and business processes. OSN is available for the entire company not just users of the ERP.


Our Services

IT Convergence provides a quick and cost effective solution to modernize your Financial Reporting and empower your end-users to be ultra-efficient in a mobile-friendly cloud environment. Listen to our VP of Solution Sales, Matthew Conner’s experience with the FAHRCS:




  • Installation & Setup of FAHRCS
  • Security Configuration – Up to 25 users
  • Account Group Definition – 3 Account Groups
  • Custom Financial Report Center Reports – 5 Reports
  • SmartView Installation Instructions
  • Financial Report Center, SmartView & Mobile Reporting UPK Training (Standard Training)
  • Simple Branding (Company Logo & Colors)


Fixed Fee Additions

  • Additional Financial Report Center Reports – $1000/report
  • Time & Materials Activities – $160/hr


  • Allocation Definition & Configuration
  • Budget & Forecast Load
  • SmartView Template Build (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Oracle Social Network Setup & Training
  • Custom UPK Training Development
  • Complex Branding


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Modernize your Financial Reporting and empower your end-users to be ultra-efficient in a mobile-friendly cloud environment.

Imagine if you could get access to the latest reporting capabilities with zero disruption to your current financial processes in just a few weeks. In fact, imagine if you could eliminate expensive hardware, system management, and IT costs.

Compare the capabilities of Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service and Hyperion Financial Management.

Differentiate your business through cloud technology!