Oracle E-Business Solutions LATAM

Oracle E-Business Solutions LATAM

Oracle E-Business Solutions LATAM

Successfully Rollout Oracle in Latin America


Latin America is a mosaic of different cultures and market opportunities. Unlike Europe, the different regulatory obligations and standard business practices can vary from one country to the next. Oracle E-Business Suite can help your team streamline the financial close process across the region, reduce regulatory compliance risks, and improve global visibility of financial performance in your regional subsidiaries.




In addition to eliminating the need of supporting local ERP solutions on a country by country basis, implementing Oracle in Latin America will also allow your company to:

  • Leverage the Oracle Latin Tax Engine to calculate taxes in any country
  • Manage and account for multi-currency transactions
  • Meet local GAAP and IFRS reporting standards
  • Comply with local invoicing and documentation requirements


Oracle’s ERP solution for Latin America is mature and quite stable, yet still companies who attempt to implement in the region without relying on a trusted local partner, often run into unexpected issues or challenges. Since the solution for each country is made up of a slightly different mix of Core Oracle Functionality, Globalizations, and Localizations; it can be difficult to fit everything together if you are trying to figure out the local requirements in the midst of a project. IT Convergence has been delivering projects across Latin America for more than a decade. Our regional delivery centers in Mexico, Argentina, and Costa Rica anchor a team of experienced bilingual consultants who bring the expertise your team needs to make your project a success.


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