Enhance your Testing Productivity with UPK

Enhance your Testing Productivity with UPK

Enhance your Testing Productivity with UPK

During any Oracle ERP implementation or Oracle ERP upgrade project, comprehensive and accurate testing is a critical step which helps ensure your ERP solution will work correctly at go-live.


At IT Convergence, we use Oracle UPK, a content development platform to support all types of project testing. By leveraging UPK to create test scripts, organizations can see up to 70% of reduction for test script creation. The scripts created in UPK can then be integrated into multiple automated testing suites including OATS and HP QTP. We have automated UPK scripts in QTP without recording and script development. The Business process framework in HPQC can automate UPK Manual Test Scripts with minimal effort.


Technology Integration Testing

Leverage Oracle UPK’s recording technology and combine individual UPK topics to create end-to-end integration test scripts.


User Acceptance Testing

The UPK topics can be organized by their process flow or job role to simulate real transaction processing functionalities.


Upgrade and System Patch Testing

All relevant scripts or topic frames can be changed to address new functionalities without modifying the entire library.


Benefits of IT Convergence UPK Testing Services


  • Create the foundation for a reusable documentation system, application simulations, end-user performance support and a strong Business Process Framework
  • Reduce manual test plan development time and dependency on the business/IT teams
  • Cut time needed to execute User Acceptance Tests
  • Improve standardization, test plan accuracy and productivity up to 40%