UPK Content Development

UPK Content Development

UPK Content Development

We can help your organization create content against any Oracle/Non-Oracle application for multiple purposes including training, testing and system process documentations.

Our Oracle-Certified and experienced consultants deliver highly customized UPK topics tailored to suit your business needs. Our consultants understand how to maximize adoption by creating instructionally sound and conceptually enhanced content that will cater to the diverse adult learning styles in your organization.

For geographically disperse organizations we have multi-lingual consultants that are located in different areas of the world providing very flexible shoring options that caters to all needs of languages and time zones.

IT Convergence Customized UPK topics include:

  • Software Screens & Data
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Conceptual Information
  • Links, Attachments & Packages
  • Custom text for Action and Explanation Frames
  • Decision Making Frames, Jump in Points, Alternative Paths (when necessary)

Outputs/Deliverables of UPK:

  • Test Scripts
  • Test Cases
  • Job Aids – Reference Documents
  • User Manuals- Training Guides for classroom/virtual training
  • Instructor Manuals- Instructor Guides for classroom/virtual training
  • See It Mode- self-paced simulation user will watch
  • Try It Mode- self-paced simulation user will interact with
  • Know It Mode- self-paced assessment for the user
  • Do It Mode- self-paced in-application support (context sensitive)
  • Test It Mode- used for UAT to automate reporting during testing
  • System Process Documentation
  • PowerPoint Presentations